SuperNail ProDip Dark Abyss powder 25,5g.

The ProDip Acrylic Dipping System is fast, easy to use, and odorless making each salon visit comfortable and convenient for all clients. This ProDip powder is finely milled to help you achieve strong and natural looking nails with beautiful color payoff.

How to use:

Pour desired shade of dip powder in disposable dipping tray. After applying a coat of Step 2 Base, slide finger into dip powder and remove excess powder. Repeat above step and follow with ProDip Step 3 Activator.


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Dip acrylic is a time-saving application that is odor free, lightweight and flexible. There is no need for acrylic liquid (monomer) and no aggressive filing or e-filing. The base and top coat is Calcium & Vitamin enriched leaving nails stronger underneath with no damage to the natural nail. You’re left with durable and long-lasting nails with a high-gloss finish. You can easily remove your dip acrylci manicure by soaking in acetone for 10 minutes.


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American International Industries. Los Angeles, CA90040 USA

Made in USA


Polyethyl Methacrylate



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