China Glaze is a well-known brand of nail polish that offers a variety of colors, finishes, and collections. The brand is popular for its high-quality formulations, trendy colors, and long-lasting wear.

China Glaze nail polish is formulated with a blend of polymers and resins, which give it a smooth, even finish and help it adhere to the nail surface for longer wear. The polish is also free from harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, making it safer and healthier for your nails.

The brand offers a wide range of colors, from classic shades to bold and bright colors, as well as unique finishes like holographic, glitter, and matte. China Glaze also frequently releases limited edition collections inspired by trends in fashion, pop culture, and more.

China Glaze nail polish is designed to be easy to apply, with a wide brush that helps to distribute the polish evenly over the nail surface. With proper application and care, China Glaze nail polish can last for up to two weeks.

Overall, China Glaze is a popular choice among nail professionals and enthusiasts, thanks to its high-quality formulations, wide range of colors and finishes, and trendy collections that keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

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