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  • TOUCH SENSOR for easy activation during use
  • 24 HOUR BATTERY CAPACITY will last weeks on a single 3 hour charge
  • HEAVYWEIGHT BASE keeps the light stable during use
  • CHARGING INDICATOR light turns on when fully charged


Used as part of your Gelish® Soft Gel service to flash cure the tip into place during application.

Make sure your light is switched on

Once your Gelish® Soft Gel Tip is prepared and Gelish® Soft Gel Tip Adhesive has been applied, position the clients nail under the Gelish® Touch LED Light and apply the Gelish® Soft Gel Tip.

Keeping pressure applied, touch your, or your clients, distal knuckle to the touch sensitive ring to activate the Gelish® Touch LED Light. Flash cure for 5 seconds, then deactivate the light by touching the touch sensor.


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What are Gelish Soft Gel Nails? 

We have all heard of acrylic/ Gel nail enhancements and we have certainly all had Gel polish before, but have you ever tried soft gel nails? Gelish® Soft Gel tips utilise a unique flexi-fit soft gel formula with a reinforced structure, giving you the ultimate in full cover tip applications. Ease of application and ease of wear combine to give you an application that can take as little as 20 minutes for a full 3 weeks of wear. Add length to your regular nails like a press-on, and are as strong and long-lasting as nail enhancements, but without the powder or the harsh chemicals.

Soft Gel Nails are a healthier option, not only for the person getting them, but for the nail technician as well. Besides being a healthier option for nail lovers, Soft gel nails are easier and quick on application.

Your soft Gel Nails can last up to three weeks, depending on your natural nail growth. When you are ready to remove your extensions, all you have to do is use foil and acetone to soak them off until they’re ready to peel, like you would with gel polish removal.

Another plus? If you are using regular nail polish to paint your soft Gel Nails, you can remove and repaint them as much as you want without having to worry about getting them filled, like acrylics. You can maintain them at home by cutting and shaping them as they grow out.

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